The Basics of the Lawn-Care Biz

lawn maintenanceLandscaping is one of the most difficult professions in today’s world especially with the amount of competition out there. It’s not just small local businesses competing with one another but also big businesses too; and to make it worse, there can even be big downtimes during the winter seasons. However, the lawn care business can be one of the most profitable avenues also but what are the basics of the lawn care business?

You Need a Big Clientele

Whether a business is small or large, it needs to have a huge base of clients. It cannot just have one or two clients but rather dozens because the business needs to survival throughout the year even during the winter time. Remember, winters are slow unless the business plans to offer winter garden services instead but that mightn’t be an option. That is why it’s vital to have at least two or three dozen clients so that the work is regular. Lawn maintenance needs to bring in enough money to pay the bills.

Winter Can Be Slow Months

If the business is located in an area with bad winters then they should be prepared for slow seasons. In most cases, cities plagued with fierce winters can ensure a landscaper has little business during this. However, if the business is located within a city that has fair winters then the business can go all year round without slowing down.

Be Prepared For Lawn Maintenance and Back Breaking Work

  • Cutting Lawns
  • Trimming Hedges
  • Tending To Roots And Weeds

When it comes to landscaping, there are going to be several basic tasks that people are constantly looking for throughout the year including those above. However, for hedge trimming and other hedge work, it can be a little tougher and it can usually take up more time to complete than cutting the lawn. Many are simply looking for basic tasks that they don’t have time to do and want regular monthly services too.

Estimating Times and Costs

It would be crazy to charge a set amount for every lawn being maintained because every task is different. Businesses wouldn’t charge fifteen dollars to cut a small lawn and the same for a lawn three times the size of that. Its good value for money but you do also have to think about being paidfairly for your work. The amount of time taken to complete the work needs to be thought into the price as well as the size because anyone in landscaping can easily go out of business by undercharging clients.

How Will The Work Be Handled?

Will the business be a one man show or will there be any additional staff working alongside you? This is what you need to think about when it comes to charging because if there is more than one person assisting with the work then it means more wages to pay out. There has to be a fair price charged for the work but also enough money to be paid to everyone in the company. If a landscaper works by him or herself then there are minimal overheads to pay.

Know the Basics

A lot of people fail to realize they need to know the basics of the lawn care business. However, understanding the basics can be really important when it comes to setting up a business. Too many fail to know the basics of the lawn care business but it’s vital to understand so that the business gets off to a flying start. Landscaping can be a difficult business to establish but when you know the basics, it can be easier to succeed in.

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