What Does a Landscaper Do?

Landscapers are creative people who have a passion for using their design skills. With the ability to create beautiful, relaxing, yet functional gardens for people to enjoy. Using different materials and innovative ideas to produce landscaped gardens that can be inspirational and thought-provoking.

A landscaper can have many clients. Both in the private and commercial sector. Landscapers can have individual private clients, or work for corporate businesses. They are also employed by councils and universities in the design and upkeep of public gardens.Landscapers can also work in schools and hospitals. Creating outdoor areas for children that are not only fun, but still provides them with the safe environment that they need. Not just as a play areas, but also for those with disabilities who may benefit from the touch and feel of a landscaped garden area.

Many landscapers are self-employed. So should you wish to follow that particular career then you will some business skills so that your new venture runs smoothly. There is the alternative option of being employed by an already established landscaping business. This can give you the opportunity to take a position with less financial risk for yourself. Learning everything that you need to know from an already qualified professional landscaper.

There are many tasks that a landscaper can undertake, including:

• Initially meeting with the client to discuss the design that they are considering
• Provide sketches and recommendations regarding the plants and flowers that can be used
• Have the plans finalised with the client
• Organize any labourers, materials and equipment that will be needed
• Get involved with the planting
• Treat lawns and the soil, check more detailed information at http://abc11.com/news/funeral-set-for-firefighter-killed-in-franklin-co-fire-engine-accident-/311464/.

Landscapers need to have extensive knowledge of various plants, shrubs, bushes and flowers. To know the best arrangement for planting, so that they thrive in their new environment. The landscaper must also know which plants and flowers are okay to be planted alongside each other, and which aren’t. The type of soil that they are required to work with is another thing that a landscaper will need to consider. Ensuring that the soil is getting the correct nutrients for optimum growth of things that they have planted.

As a landscaper you may also find yourself building walls, laying decking or concrete, building rockeries and gazebos. Creating focal points with the materials that you use, and enhancing the garden that you are working on.


Some landscapers chose to specialize in a particular area. There are many tasks that a landscaper can do. From design a golf course as a landscape architect, to trimming trees.read more reviews on their website.

Once you are a landscaper you can also find yourself:

• Building retaining walls
• Installing irrigation systems
• Putting in a pool
• Installing sprinkler systems
• Using water features within your landscape design
• Giving advice to clients about the upkeep of their new landscaped garden
• Finding and installing appropriate lighting

There are also some clients who may employ you as their landscaper who require you to take your design to the stage of lighting and placing outdoor furnishings and accessories.

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