A Landscapers Guide to Organic Gardening

As people are becoming more aware of the effects that chemicals places on the environment, organic gardening is fast growing to be more popular. Harmful products are being used less and less and organic substitutes being found. Now landscapers are opting to ditch the toxic pesticides and chemicals that they would normally use in our gardens, choosing natural alternatives instead. All of which benefit the soil, thus are more environmentally friendly.

Take Your Time – landscapers who wish to promote organic gardening need to take into account the plants and flowers that they wish to grow. Considering the best way to use the earth so that they can grow more naturally. A landscaper will take their time to think about the best watering techniques, and which products that can be used effectively while still protecting the environment.

Grow Your Own Veg – as a landscaper, you can grow vegetables as well as plants. By growing your vegetables organically, you will notice the improved taste and smell compared to those bought at a store.

Ditch the Chemicals – the most important thing a landscaper needs to do when deciding to take up organic gardening, is to get rid of all the chemicals in the garden shed. Including those that you don’t use often need to be thrown away. Even the smallest amount of a toxic substance has an effect on the earth. Any landscapers that choose to switch to organic gardening will dis-regard using any lawn care products, insecticides, weed killers or fertilizers. Instead landscapers are now developing their own organic alternatives to the toxic ones that are on the market at the moment.

Opt For Manure – one of the most important organic substitutes a landscaper will opt for, rather than the toxic store bought ones, is manure. If you are fortunate to live in an area were horses are kept locally, you have access to manure all the time. Either for free, or at a small cost.visit http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2014/08/trnk-urban-herb-garden.html for more information.

Use Compost – many organic landscapers opt to use compost as another type of toxic free alternative in their gardening. It helps to keep the soil rich, ensuring that your plants and flowers grow more naturally.Landscapers create a compost that is full of healthy nutrients. Filled with minerals and vitamins that will help the flowers and plants to thrive.

Landscaping Ideas

Do Your Research – when embarking on becoming a landscaper and choosing to opt for organic gardening, it is important that you do your research. Considering factors such as the type of flowers and plants you wish to grow. Landscapers need to be aware of the type of soil that they are going to be working with, and the correct growing conditions depending on the flower or plant. You may well find that some plants will not thrive well in certain circumstances, for example in a particularly shaded area.

When landscapers choose to take the route of organic gardening, they may find it to be a hard transition at first. However, there are many resources available online to ensure that you have all the help and information in your pursuit as an organic landscaper.

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