Landscaping Ideas For The Front Yard – Curves, Colors And Trees

Creative uses of curves, colors and trees make homes more appealing. Therefore, having the most attractive home on the street is easy when one, two or three of these items are incorporated into landscaping ideas for the front yard. Like warm and welcoming arms, yards and sidewalks greet people, often beckoning them to enter and see if the inside is nice as the full blog post at

The Attraction of Curves

A gently curving sidewalk attracts the eyes of people passing. For some reason a curved walkway looks like it would be more fun to explore. Since straight lines are the shortest distance between two points, people hurry to get to where they are going on these. On a meandering path, people relax, slow down and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the journey. The slight arches are graceful and elegant in their simplicity. When the old concrete is stained a gorgeous new rainbow color, the path entices all who see it. Using natural stones carefully laid on a bed of gravel, intriguing pavers or bricks laid in unusual patterns increase the delight of these landscaping ideas for the front yard.

Delighting with Colors

Nothing pleases like an unexpected blast of color. The color can be a riot of yellows, purples, pinks, oranges and reds flowers lining sidewalks, the sidewalks themselves, borders of interesting natural and artificial materials and fences. Even straight sidewalks lined with fragrant pink, white, yellow and red roses and ivy arranged in a winding course brings sighs of delight. Lining streets and walkways with bright, sharp white stones, rosy smooth river rocks, beige colored sandstone or synthetic creations in various blue and green shades create distinctive entrances to these palaces called home. An 8 inch white picket fence or stately three-foot black wrought iron work of art frame and separate the house creating a barrier between those who can enter and those who cannot.

Enchanting with Trees

front yard landscape

Trees provide the largest impact of all landscaping ideas for the front yard. Not only are these towering structures graceful, trees shelter and protect buildings from wind and sun. Choosing the perfect adornment to the front yard requires three steps. The first step is the type of tree. Evergreen trees provide more privacy and keep their needles all year while deciduous species are faster growing, provide summertime shade and lose their leaves in the fall. Next, the different species are carefully analyzed for the right color and texture. Colors of evergreens range from a light green to the deep blue while deciduous trees can produce aromatic white, pink or purple flowers in the spring and brightly colored fall leaves. Finally, this newest addition is planted in an area where it has room to grow and accentuates the beauty surrounding it.

Finding landscaping ideas for the front yard is easy when the homeowner considers curves, colors and trees. Using even one of these fantastic ideas makes properties more appealing. However, combining two or more guarantee a WOW impact and instant owner satisfaction.

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