Five Patio Ideas for Small Backyards

Small backyards can still be landscaped so that they appear larger. Landscapers use simple tricks within their design to enhance the area and create a talking point for your guests.

Should you have a small backyard, you can use these five patio ideas to create an idyllic setting for you and others to enjoy.

1. Plantings –

Other than the color green, choose only two to three other colors within your design. It creates more of an impact in small backyards if you stay within similar shades. For example pinks and reds. It is also important to be careful when selecting the size of plants that you are going to be using. You don’t want the garden to feel overwhelmed.

You can give your small backyard a sense of depth by planting flowers with a lighter shade to the back of the flowerbed, planting darker ones at the front. You also need to place smaller plants at the front so that they are not hidden by the larger ones.go to to get updated.

2. Design –

Straight walls and flowerbeds give the feeling of being boxed in. Feeling as if the patio is cramped and confined. Therefore, you should create a curved walkway or flowerbed. Another way that you can make your small backyard feel larger is by creating different levels throughout the patio area. You can do this by using raised flowerbeds, or perhaps creating a seated platform area with a step up to it.

You can use gazebos, bridges and even trellises to divide up areas. Creating different rooms that can be of similar themes. You need to create a feeling of unity throughout the patio, making the garden flow. Adding different textures and materials such as wood and rock.

3. Wall Colors –

It is important with a small backyard that you choose the right wall colors to use. A white wall will create an illusion of extending space. For an illusion of an ongoing garden, you can use black paint in the corner. This make is appear as though there is a shadow. Making people believe that the garden continues. You can create a jungle effect by placing plants of a particular group in the corner with black as the background.

4. Glass and Mirrors –

Although this may not be practical for some people, for example if you have young children. However, by using either glass walls within your patio design, or perhaps placing a mirror along one wall your backyard will feel twice as large.

Patio Design Ideas

5. Outdoor Furnishings –

Don’t be tempted to get large or bulky outdoor furnishings if you have a small backyard. You will make the area feel cluttered. Inside opt for the minimum in seating and accessories, ensuring that you remain within the theme and colors that you have chosen to use.follow their latest news for more information and updates.

These are just five patio ideas for small backyards, you can get more ideas online. All to ensure that you utilize your patio area to its full potential, even if it is only a small space.

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