Tips for Watering and Feeding Lawn

Lawn maintenance is very important to keep it in a good condition. Beautiful lawn attracts the attention of every eye and it gives sense of pleasure as well. To keep your lawn in a good condition is important and you can do it by watering and feeding it in a proper way. Some watering, feeding and top dressing tips are mentioned below which will help you out a lot.

Watering Tips

1.Maintain during a drought:

Lawns do not need a lot of water rather they need it in extremely dry conditions such as in drought. During drought grass stops growing and the grass blades become yellow. After some time these blades become dead while exposing the patches of soil. In such period of drought there is need of watering the lawn. As soon as the drought ends the grass starts growing again and makes a full and rapid recovery again. If watering the lawn is necessary then it’s advised that water it in the morning or evening to reduce water due to evaporation.

2.Consider Your Soil:

Soil type also indicates that how much water is required to make the lawn lush green. For loamy soil and clay you can water the lawn once a week. But if the soil is sandy then water it twice a week. In sandy soils water needs to go down at least 4 inch deep. Beside this avoid spraying backyard patio and hard surfaces to reduce the water loss.

Feeding and Top Dressing Tips and Methods


Fertilizers increase the fertility of the soil and the three essential ingredients for loan fertilizers are Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Potassium. Nitrogen helps in rapid growth and it’s found in high quantities in spring feeds. Next comes phosphorus which is useful for the proper root growth and the Potassium toughens the grass. Potassium is also disease resistant. It also helps the grass to bear the low temperature and drought conditions. Another ingredient is Iron which is the requirement of the grass and it keeps the grass looking green while playing no role in the growth.

2.Natural and Liquid Feeds:

No doubt fertilizers are very useful but you can’t deny the importance of natural organic matter which helps in growth such as compost. Liquid kelp is high in iron and it helps to maintain the green color of the grass. Remember that liquid feeds give quicker results than the dry fertilizers. Liquid feeds get into the plant through leaves while the dry fertilizers absorb in the roots first and then move to the other parts of the plant which is a slow process.

3.Top Dressing:

Top dressing improves the quality of the soil and it is applied on the top of the lawn. It also helps to level the soil surface and it fills all the holes which are created by aeration. For top dressing many readymade mixes are available but one can make these mixes by himself. Homemade mixes are made by using sand in ratio 3, loam in ratio 3 and organic matter in ratio1.

Hence lawn maintenance will be very easier if you follow the above tips.

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